Holidaying over the Christmas period?

Why not suspend your Hold Requests so that they do not become available whilst you are away?

You get to choose the date when when they become active again. Perhaps a few days before you return. This means you won’t miss out on that eagerly awaited bestseller and you keep your place in the queue. Go to the Sutherland Library website, and under the menu option My Library choose, My Account and login with your membership number and pin. Click on Hold Requests, highlight your holds and put in the date you wish to suspend until. Click the Change Staus button and the Status of your requests will become Suspended.

Alternatively ring your local branch and they can suspend your holds requests for you.

Sutherland Library loan periods have been extended from the 4th of December so that anything borrowed between the 4th - 15th December will not fall due until January 5th, meaning there is no need to worry about overdue items between Christmas and New Year. (This does not apply to loans of items borrowed from other library services. Due dates on these items stay as advised. Please contact InterLibrary Loans for renewal)