You now have a subscription World Book Online!

World Book Online Public Library Edition, is now available at home to any Sutherland Shire Library member!
Use it as a starting point for assignments... as a reliable benchmark to judge Wikipedia results against...or just for fun!

There are three products in one:
- World Book Online for Kids - especially for younger kids it includes engaging multimedia, games, science projects, interactive tools, and activities.

- World Book Online Info Finder - designed for school-aged patrons’ homework and research needs and based on the World Book Encyclopedia.

- World Book Online Reference Center - a reference tool for advanced researchers and information seekers, there are e-books, tens of thousands of articles, and hundreds of thousands of primary source documents.

Each section can be keyword searched or you can be guided through menu options towards your goal. Your results can be saved in an individual account within the site giving you the ability to create and save your own content features, including research results from World Book and external sources, timelines, and citations.

Besides providing much information within it’s pages, World Book Online also provides links to quality websites, freely available articles and interactive map links related to the subject of your choice. These resources are outside the World Book website and you are informed of such as you leave.

Although doing a search and getting results is easy, there is so much that can be done within the World Book website, that customer training options are available to alert you to the full features of this product. Once logged in to World Book Online, look at the bottom of the screen for the Online Tutorial and/or Customer Training Guide.

All you need to do to have this powerful tool at your fingertips is follow the link above, click on the picture of the library card and enter your library card number.

To see all the information sources available to you from home go to Sutherland Shire Libraries home page, highlight Web Resources from the top menu, click on Online Databases, then click on the dropdown menu beside the heading Databases by Title. World Book is listed here along with many other free products, your membership entitles you to access.