Personal Interest Project? Read a Living Book!

Living Books are available at your Living Library… Thursday, November 19th, 10am – 12noon.

The Living Library works like any other library; you borrow, read and return books. The difference is that in this case, the ‘Books’ are people and so it is an interactive experience.

Here’s your chance to gain some insight into what it would be like to be the individual behind the ‘Title’.

You can come and ‘Borrow’ a ‘Book’ for a 30 minute, one on one, conversation, in a safe and friendly environment. You are encouraged to ask questions to increase your understanding.

Our ‘Books’ are volunteers from the local community, and so are people you might walk past every day. They are from a range of backgrounds and a wide variety of life experiences are covered.

Here is a taste of two of the newest Books on offer, one never before read!

The Road to Marriage CelebrancyMarried young and moved to the bush…Engadine! In the 1950’s Sutherland Shire was still very isolated and Engadine particularly was only just beginning to change from farming to ‘town’ life. There was no power, phones or transport, raising children in these circumstances teaches resilience and self reliance and a ‘can do’ attitude. Higher education after the children are set, and a new life, helping celebrate the turning points in the lives of others.

Tale of a Faraway Land: Chittagong Hill Tracts.Growing up in the mountains, between Bangladesh, and India, but identifying with neither peoples. The people are being pushed to the edge, as colonialism forced them to abandon the river mouth and take to the hills for survival, but it’s a hard living to be made. The journey to Australia and the creation of a new life.

Other Titles in the catalogue include these tasty titbits:

Great Times in Life and Sport
Growing up in Bondi in the 50’s, focused on outdoor pursuits of any variety. Fun was physical and fitness was just part of life. Squash became a particular passion, always competing in some way and getting to know ‘the’ players and officials. When supporting a family became a necessity, the opportunity of operating a squash centre, seemed the perfect answer. It provided unforseen troubles, as well as unbelievable opportunities.

Buddhist Nun, wife and mother…
This book seemed be living life like everyone around her. Growing up in a Catholic family, moving on to her own marriage, having children and questioning the teachings of her upbringing. Searching led her to learn about mediation and eventually to adopt Buddhism as her way of life. Hear how her family came to accept her decision, and the meaning her life now has as she works for her/our community.

My Voluntary WorkVoluntary work is extremely rewarding and has taken many forms over the years. It’s fitting I’m now a Book, as I was once a voluntary librarian. Hospital visitation has many rewards, as does working with new migrants, helping them learn English for their survival.

Know Yourself Heal Yourself
Learning to accept yourself, with all one’s faults… and features, is an issue for many of us. Hitting the bottom can teach one a lot about ‘up’. Whilst still relatively young, this book started on the long haul up from rock bottom and hasn’t stopped climbing since, literally!

My Lucky Life
An ‘idyllic’ childhood in the 40’s and 50’s. Everyone got together to play, and sport was everything. Squash became a great passion and a life long pursuit. Competition at NSW level and representing Australia, led to travelling the world and meeting many famous people. But there is life after competition, and raising a family in its shadow has its own challenges.

Not all Books are available at each session. Click here to see more titles and read more about what a Living Library is.