NAIDOC Week 2009

NAIDOC Week 2009 - Honouring our elders, nurturing our youth.

From Monday 6 July, 2009 - Friday 10 July, 2009 documentaries and films will be showing in the Southern Lounge at Sutherland Library.

Get a cuppa from our hot drink dispenser, relax with some friends in our comfy lounge and learn a little about some fabulous Australian Aboriginal people.

Follow the links to read what Ronin Films say about these DVDs and maybe order your own copy.

Monday10am The Coolbaroo Club.
11am Intervention: Katherine, NT

2pm A walk with words : the poetry of Romaine Moreton.
2.30pm Urban clan : a portrait of the Page Brothers and Bangarra Dance Theatre.
3.30pm Deadly Yarns. 5 Short films (Broken bonds, Don't say sorry, Ganggu Mama, Miss Coolbaroo, Sugar Bag)

2pm Land of the Little Kings.
3.30pm 5 Seasons

10am River of no return.
11am 5 short films (Night patrol, Straight from the Yudaman's mouth, Look listen speak, Milerum whose story?, Apekathe)

Friday - Sports special
2pm Aboriginal Rules.
3pm Buffalo Legends.