Black headed snake

Librarians log 15th of July 2009:

Its 2:00pm and Menai Library has been invaded by animals as well as 29 excited children. There are lizards running around on the floor of the reference room, frogs climbing up the walls, turtles slowly working their way across tables and a snake has found a hiding spot under the shelves, to escape the chaos.

While we did have animals in the menai library on the 15th of July 2009, both animals and children were very well behaved with their handlers Darrelyn and Tara from Feature Creatures: Mobile Reptiles and Amphibians and parents standing close by.

Children had a wonderful time learning and interacting with the animals. Such as:
•Blue tongued lizard
•Shingle back lizard
•Bearded Dragon
•Frill neck lizard
•both Short and Long neck turtles
•a Fresh water crocodile
•Black headed snake
As well as a Nature table displaying smaller creepy crawlies.

Fun was had by both animals and people alike.