Living Books waiting to be borrowed!

There will be Living Books at Sutherland Library, ready for borrowing, on Thursday 18th June from 10am - 12 noon.
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Borrow one (or more) for 1/2 an hour and let them tell you their stories. Every person has a story and our Living Books would like to share theirs with you.

Have you ever read a biography and wished you could ask questions, well with Living Books you can. Listen to experiences of life very different from your own, or learn that there are others dealing with similar issues as yourself.

Living Books cannot be taken home, they are Reference material, and therefore they must be read in the Library. Allow yourself an extra 30 minutes to challenge yourself to something different.

Here's a sample of available Books.

Blessed light in my darkness
Having lost his sight at 21, this Book did not let that deter him from living a full life. He has married, had children and is now enjoying the chaos grandchildren can bring.
A friend introduced him to cycling and until recently has been an avid long distance cycler for pleasure as well as for fund raising for various charitable organisations. Tandem is his bike of choice!
Working as a telephone counsellor he has been able to support and assist many people in their time of need and is active in the local Baptist community.

Success Through Faith And Perseverance
This Book has chosen Australia as his home after experiencing a range of other countries and cultures. Born to Chinese parents in Indonesia under Dutch rule provided an interesting start, , then a new dimension was added after WWII, with the Japanese occupation. He saw the Japanese capitulation and the people’s revolution at first hand which led to Indonesian self rule.
Education was something he had craved, been unable to access, but now could. After receiving a scholarship for University in Holland and work experience in England, he returned to his home country to serve it the best way he could with his aeronautical engineering credentials.
Service to Indonesia did not pay well and with a wife and children now, it was time to choose a new home for the future of his children.

He now works with overseas students and their host families on issues of 'integration with the Aussies', and 'what to expect from your student'. Offering his services where they will help and contributing to build a future progressive modern Australian society.