Fantastic News for iPod Owners

You can now play OverDrive WMA (Windows Media Audio) audiobooks from Sutherland Shire Libraries Digital Downloads on your iPod. Until now iPod owners have been limited to mp3 format audio books from our Digital Downloads collection due to rights issues, which has meant that iPod owners have missed out on many of the best sellers and most popular audio books. (Typically mp3 files have been restricted to classics and out-of-copyright titles)

That has just changed!

Nearly all OverDrive WMA Audiobooks in our download collection are now compatible with the iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPod nano, as well as Zune and thousands of other portable devices.

To access this new functionality all you have to do is upgrade OverDrive Media Console to version 3.2 on Windows PCs.

There are a few requirements for transfering WMA audiobooks to Apple devices, which you can read about in the Overdrive Help.

OverDrive Media Console's enhanced Transfer Wizard will expand the largest selection of iPod-compatible audiobook titles for libraries by making the vast majority of existing audiobook titles playable on Apple devices.