The Willow Pattern Story

Children in the 1950's or earlier may remember willow pattern tea and dinner sets. My mother used to recite a story describing the objects and events portrayed on the design - the Willow Pattern Story. The Willow Pattern is a Chinese legend originating more than 1,000 year ago. The Willow Pattern Story which as we know it today was designed by a famous English potter in 1780.
The story focuses on the characters of Koong-se, a lovely Chinese maiden who loved her father's young clerk, Chang. However, Koong-se was commanded by her parents to wed a much older, wealthier suitor. The young couple met disapproval, separation and eventually a tragic death. Their love, sincerity, devotion and fidelity touched the Goddess of lovers who transformed them into a pair of doves eternally together.
The design of the plate is the key to the narrative, the powerful relationship between the characters of their Chinese environment highlighting the important role played by nature in the overall scheme of things.

Swiss Author/Illustrator Lucienne Fontannaz; Australian writer, Ian Howard and Chinese publisher/translator, Jingzhe Li have come together to update the classic tale of young love, greed, revenge and the solace of nature. Their exquisite bilingual version in English and Chinese, completed with beautiful illustrations is a blend of the picturesque and tragic textures of life.

The author will also be giving an insight into the craft of hand binding of books.

Light refreshments will be available.

Engadine Library
Monday 25th May at 11am
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