What Can't You Do on the Library Web Site?

In this instalment of what is rapidly becoming an ongoing series of posts about the Library's web site, we want to know what things you would like to be able to do on our web site that aren't currently available?

We are very thankful for the responses to our last post about what you are using the web site for (if you haven't already, you can tell us now).

This time we would like to know if there is anything you wish you could do or find on our site that isn't already available? Basically, we want you to tell us what is wrong with our site? Just leave us a comment.

I can't guarantee that your wishlist will be granted but it will be very useful information for us as we move forward. And you never know, in our last post someone asked for information about our WiFi Hotspot. That was an easy one - I added a page about the Wi-Fi Hotspot to the site this morning.