May Additions to our Web Resources

These are the May additions to our collection of Web Resources, web sites and online resources selected by our librarians. We are always adding interesting sites to our collection and the list is constantly updated on the New Sites page of our site.
A division of Cartoscope Pty Ltd, is the place to view and purchase a range of maps for travellers. Online maps are also available, predominantly for NSW.
Date added: 30 May, 2006. Page: Maps. Government services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
The Indigenous Portal provides online access to Indigenous services and information located on government Internet sites.
Date added: 15 May, 2006. Page: Aboriginal Australians.

Welcome to the Office of Indigenous Policy Coordination (OIPC)
Part of the Australian Government Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaCSIA), OIPC is coordinating a whole-of-government approach to programs and services for Indigenous Australians. It has a central role in the Australian Government's arrangements in Indigenous Affairs.
Date added: 15 May, 2006. Page: Aboriginal Australians.

Network of Concerned Farmers
An Australia wide network of conventional and organic farmers who are concerned about the economic, environmental and social impacts of genetically modified crops.
Date added: 15 May, 2006. Page: Food/Food Technology.

A company that is developing genetically modified crops for the worldwide agricultural industry.
Date added: 15 May, 2006. Page: Food/Food Technology.

ADIN: Australian Drug Information Network
ADIN is a searchable collection of quality assessed web sites and databases provided by prominent organisations in Australia and Internationally.
Date added: 1 May, 2006. Page: Drug Information.

Strengthened Border Control Measures for Unauthorised Boat Arrivals
A media release from Senator Amanda Vanstone, the Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, announcing the governments plan to transfer all unauthorised boat arrivals to offshore centres for assessment of their claims. The Offshore Processing Arrangements are outlined in a Department fact sheet. A search on any of the main news sites, such as the ABC, suggests that this policy change is a direct result of the displeasure shown by Indonesia as a result of the granting of asylum to 42 West Papuan refugees.
Date added: 1 May, 2006. Page: Immigration and Refugees.