Fiction Follies: June 2006

Fiction Follies is a monthly newsletter containing a selection of NEW fiction added to the collection of the Sutherland Shire Libraries. Click on the book title to reserve your copy.

New Mysteries

Dead days of summer by Carolyn Hart
The latest “death on demand mystery”. A cosy American mystery with top notch plotting.

The lizard’s bite by David Hewson
For readers of Donna Leon and possibly the Da Vinci code. Thrills, secrets, art, history, clever detection in this tightly written mystery set in Venice.

Out with the tide by Brian Cooper
A Constable crime novel set in Norfolk of the 1950’s. A traditional style mystery.

Kept : a Victorian mystery by D. J. Taylor
Intricately plotted historical mystery about “the extreme things men do to keep what they want”. May interest readers of Sarah Waters.

Prisoner of memory by Denise Hamilton
LA Times reporter Eve Diamond researches an execution style murder of a Russian teenager. A lively mystery with dry humour for fans of Sue Grafton.

Our lady of pain by Marion Chesney
Edwardian mystery. Light, traditional and romantic. Marian Chesney also writes under the pen name M C Beaton.

The last pleasure garden by Lee Jackson
Fast paced historical mystery about a serial killer in Victorian London. “Desire, death, corruption – the dark heart of Victorian London”.

The secret life of E. Robert Pendleton by Michael Collins
A literary mystery. A novel detailing the gruesome murder of child is found in an attic and published to critical acclaim. But is it a novel or a confession?

The gardens of the dead by William Brodrick
A key to a safe deposit box unleashes a train of events following the death of its owner.

The path of the dead by Caroline Benton
For mystery readers wanting a change from forensic scientists and detectives. A fire brigade photographer investigates a charred body found in a burnt house. Also contains evocative descriptions of the Moors of Dartmoor.

Virgin of small plains by Nancy Pickard
Julie Garwood says “Will keep you up all night. Intelligent suspenseful storytelling” Blizzards, miracles, tragedies and mesmerizing suspense in this mystery set in Kansas.

Footprints of the devil by Olive Etchells
A good traditional English village murder mystery set in Cornwell. Engaging characters and descriptions of the farming community

New General Fiction

Miss Julia stands her ground by Ann B Ross
Miss Julia’s touching and humorous adventures in a small Southern town. For fans of Jan Karon.

The other side of you by Salley Vickers
Beautifully written novel set in Rome. Jealousy, passion and grief delicately handled in this tale of a psychiatrist helping a suicidal patient.

The piano man by Marcia Preston
A possible choice for Jodi Picoult readers. After her sons tragic death a relationship develops between a woman and the recipient of her son’s heart.

Blue water by Manette Ansay
A child is killed in a tragic accident. This novel poses the question “How can one live in a world like this and go on living after it happens?"

Black Swan Green by David Mitchell
A year in the life of a 13 year old boy. Fresh and nostalgic, captures those moments and memories between childhood and adulthood.

New Thrillers

Hunting season by Elizabeth Rigbey
“A hunting trip becomes a terrifying journey into the heart of deadly betrayal”.

Kingdom come by Tim Green
Warning – Amazon reviewers either loved or loathed this book. Loosely based on Macbeth the story is about murder and corruption in big business.

Eye Contact by Cammie McGovern
A 10 year old girl is murdered and the only witness is her 9 year old autistic friend. A tale of suspense, with authenticity added by the authors own experiences with an autistic child.

The observations by Jane Harris
A mystery set in Victorian Scotland. Bessy is trying to escape her past but becomes caught up in the strange disappearance of the previous maid and her mistress’s even stranger behaviour.

Turning angel by Greg Iles
For fans of Robert Crais and Michael Connelly a taut legal mystery set in Natchez Mississippi.
If you like Greg Iles...

Shadow man by Cody Mcfadyen
A serial murderer in modern day California believes he is the reincarnation of Jack the Ripper. Fairly gruesome in parts – not for the cosy mystery reader.

All she ever wanted by Patrick Redmond
Another quality mystery by this author. Well written, with an absorbing story line about a woman whose carefully constructed persona is about to fall apart.

A game of soldiers by Stephen Miller
A thriller set in pre revolutionary Russia. Conspiracies murder and cover ups for people who enjoyed “Fatherland”.

Dying light by Stuart MacBride
Gripping police procedural/thriller showing the dark side of Aberdeen. Fast moving, multiple plot lines, described as less heavy going than Ian Rankin. 5 star reviews on Amazon.

A stain on the silence by Andrew Taylor
A psychological thriller for fans of Minette Walters.

New Family sagas
If you like family sagas...

To light a candle by Connie Monk
Will Cynny be lured away from her staid family life to the jazz clubs of London?

The road to the sands by Anne Douglas
Betrayal and heartache in post war Edinburgh.

Pauper’s gold by Margaret Dickinson
A young girl struggles to keep her spirits and those of her companions up while she is apprenticed in the cruel cotton mills of Derbyshire.

New historical fiction

The thrall’s tale by Judith Lindbergh
For lovers of “The mists of Avalon” a story of a Christian woman taken to the Viking colonies of Greenland. Abused and enslaved her story is narrated by 3 women.

Innocent traitor by Alison Weir
Moving account of the life of Lady Jane Grey by popular English historian. A tragic story of a young girl’s exploitation. Both imaginative and authoritative.

Ratcatcher by James McGee
Fast paced historical adventure for fans of Bernard Cornwell.

New Chic lit and humour
If you like Chic lit...

Sparkles by Louse Bagshawe
Glitzy tale about the wealthy and internationally famous Massot family. Compelling reading.

My fabulous divorce by Clare Dowling
Jackie is about to find happiness with new love Dan but ex-husband Henry arrives on the scene with some scores to settle.

The Da Vinci mole by Ian Browne
Reveals the truth behind some of the greatest mysteries of our time, including the secret meaning of Jackson Pollock’s paintings.

If you like military stories...

The last sunrise by Robert Ryan
1948 Indo China. Ex fighter pilot Lee Crane is haunted by his war time experiences.