How's your mental health?

October is Mental Health Month and this year's theme is Learn and Grow. Becoming engaged in an activity, hobby or learning a new skill can help one switch focus and grow in mental strength. Your library has various tools which can support your journey.

Next Wednesday Kim Hodges will be in the library talking about her own experience of living with severe depression and her continuing journey to wellness. Hearing others talk about their struggles with mental illness can make one feel less isolated and provide clues as to how it's possible to proceed towards relieving ones own situation. Kim will be selling her book "Girl on the edge". Book here.
Hobbies & Craft Reference Center has hundreds of ideas, patterns, videos, recipes and guides on all manner of recreational activities. Dive in and search for anything you've ever wanted to try out but had no idea where to start! Browsing through the Publications list, or the Categories can supply inspiration if you are not sure where to start.

Australasian Video Online has some excellent shows which inform about Mental Illness and how those affected perceive the world around them. Learning about illnesses such as schizophrenia helps us work better with and respond to affected individuals around us.

Computer Online Training - Learn some new computer skills with this interactive self paced training course. You control what you  learn and how much each session. Keep coming back to where you left off. Learn how to connect with people via Facebook, Twitter and Blogging, improve your sense of well being.  Find sessions on Windows 10, Introduction to Computer Technology, and Microsoft Office 2010.

Music has been shown to affect mood. Try live streaming or download your favourite 'feel good' songs from Freegal. Get three free (legal) downloads per week to add to your personal collection, and give yourself a boost whenever you need it. Or try the video clips and learn the dance moves for fun and exercise.

Finding accurate, authoritative health information on the web can be a challenge. So use Consumer Health Complete a database dedicated to medical conditions and medications. It has videos, pamphlets, a dictionary, encyclopedia entries as well as in depth articles and news.

Sutherland libraries, of course, have many books, CD's, DVD's and magazines on more topics than you could imagine. So if you want to learn and grow through self awareness or maybe learn to grow your own garden, come in and talk to a staff member or give us a call.
For more information about mental health and well being visit the Way Ahead website.