Never too old... learn something new during Adult Learner's Week.
Your library has an enormous range of learning opportunities.
Try these links for inspiration, or ask staff how to get the best out of your library's catalogue.
Investigate your Favourite Things. through DVD's, articles, ebooks, music recordings, streaming video and regular printed books.

How do raindrops affect your roses?
And what do whiskers mean to kittens?

Metal work can be rewarding,
and knitting or needlecraft a comfort.

Make the wrapping of presents delightful.
Fuel your passion for horses
or find a good use for cooking apples
Teach yourself to play an instrument
or create the perfect meal.
Investigate what it takes to keep geese 
or why the moon fascinates us so much.
Look for girls in white dresses with
blue satin sashes.
Understand why snowflakes are
 so individual

Explore weather trends and why winters
always melt into spring

Images sourced from Britannica Image Quest