Comic Con-versation 2016 with Sarah Boxall...

Local Comic artist Sarah Boxall is the Sutherland Shire Libraries feature artist for
Comic Con-versation 2016. She will be launching the first collected edition of her series Emotionally Intense at Another Dimension: Comic Art Beyond 2D.
 Sarah answers some questions about her comic journey...

1.      Describe your journey as an artist – especially in regard to making comics

"From a young age I've always had the urge to scribble on everything and anything,and had a passion for all things creative. Through high school I continued to walk the path of a developing artist, completing my HSC with 1st place in my high school for design. I then spent 3 years attaining an
Advanced Diploma in Graphic design and communications, being awarded the student excellence college achievement award for the St George campus, the Sydney Institute Medal for 2014 and the title of TAFE Ambassador.

 I founded my own company and brand From the Box in which I worked as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator for a number of private and corporate clients and companies.
I also began producing my own comic books and successfully self published a number of my titles in multiple books.

My biggest titles are Melodies of the Heart, Emotionally Intense, Mecha Necha, and I'd rather date my laptop, but I currently run just under 30 comic titles online that rotate in updates with a collected 25'000 readers worldwide and 4 million hits, however the listed four above are the largest in both content and readership.
With From the Box I strive to create content and an experience that connects with my readers, to relate and inspire. I also strive to create content that is accessible to all via print and online platforms so my readers will never feel excluded.

2.      What are your tools of the trade? Do you work in traditional media as well as digital?
I work with both mediums, but I would say I'm majority a digital based artist
Traditional mediums I really do love to play around with though are things like inks, markers and pencils, sometimes it nice just to sit down and fill a few pages with inks and colours.

3.      Can you describe how “Emotionally Intense” came to be?
Emotionally Intense started as simple sets of procrastination driven comic strips, each based on some embarrassing, awkward or odd event that had happened to me.  There's something amazing and fun about having relatable goofy moments in life or shared odd quirks with others and just how common some of these things are.
My favorite part with these books is watching someone pick one up, flick to a random page and goofy story then laughing as they say "I do that too"

4.      What is the most memorable or weird thing you’ve been asked or commissioned to draw?
 Creating a 25 page illustrated charity book for Japanese Tsunami Victims aid and mental health support groups.  I'm grateful that I could use my craft to try and help with such a healing process.

5.      What would be your dream project to work on? 
My dream project would be to work on my comics 24/7.

6.      Any advice for the aspiring comic artist you wish someone had told you?
Don't wait, just create ha ha.