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Many of the events we hear about and see via news services and social media are not just randomly happening. The circumstances that allowed them to happen have often been building for years, decades and even centuries.
Asbestos scare... sees student's uniforms removed...this headline from February might prompt some to wonder why asbestos is so feared!

World History in Context can supply the background. 
Articles which cover aspects from the cement, to fibres, and materials containing it to detrimental health effects, victims, litigation and abatement of consequences can be found. The results of the search are divided into Reference, Magazines, News Academic Journals and Photos and Audio. 

Migrant crisis: Australia opens it's doors to Syrian refugees Did you know that the current Syrian refugee crisis has been building since the Syrian uprising in 2011? Turkey has had refugee camps full of Syrians for the last 5 years!

Festival Pill testing trial to begin...vows drug expert...find out the back story behind the headlines. Why are we talking about this? What are the pros and cons? Is it done elsewhere?

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Find this and many similar resources on the Sutherland Shire Libraries website under Digital Collections > Research Databeases

Images provided via Britannica Image Quest

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