Online Computer Training

Need to upgrade your job skills? Your library card is all you need to access online resources that will enhance your existing work-related skills, or help you acquire new ones.

Learn a variety of computing skills with this self-paced and interactive program. Courses include Windows 8, Microsoft Office 2010 and social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Blogger)

Create a new account to start Computer Training Online and keep track of your progress through the different lessons. Spend 10 minutes or 10 hours at a time. Take one week or the rest of the year to complete the tasks. It's entirely self-paced so the time you devote is up to you. Your progression through the sessions will be recorded so you always know where to take it up again.

Once you have entered your library card number, New Users of Computer Training Online will need to Create an Account. Just fill in this basic form:

Decide which course you'd like to start with...

Pick the version you wish to know more about..

Launch whichever lesson you want .....

Each task provides an estimated time, and the number of steps, for completion. But there is no actual time limit...take as little or as much time as required.

Once complete, restart the task again and again until you've got it!

Each session is interactive, requiring you to participate in the learning process, so you are actually completing the tasks you are being taught about. The training screens replicate exactly what you will be seeing when you attempt the same process 'live' on your computer.

This suite of courses, if completed, will go a long way in providing the knowledge required in computer skills to get that first job, or get back into the workforce after a break.