Ten books....If you liked Gone girl, try some Chick Noir!

If you liked reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (out now as a film starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike), here are ten other Chick Noir/ Marriage thrillers you may enjoy!
Chick Noir/ marriage thriller: A sub-genre with no happily- ever -afters. These books are exploring the dark side of marriage...  read nail biting tales of couple’s untold secrets.

How to be a good wife by Emma Chapman.

Marta, a housewife and her husband Hector, have been married for many years. During this time, Marta has always followed the advice from a book, How to be a good wife, given to her by her mother in law on her wedding day. This has resulted in a very sheltered existence. Marta narrates the story, telling of how she decides to stop taking her medication (for an unnamed mental condition) and starts seeing visions of a strange girl, who seems to want something from Marta. Is Marta starting to remember bad things from her past, or is she losing her mind, as Hector and her son Kylan seem to think? A chilling and haunting tale of suspense, this debut novel ends with more questions than it answers...

Before I go to sleep by S.J Watson

This is the story of a woman, Christine, who wakes up every day remembering nothing from the day before. She wakes up each morning to the shock of looking twenty years older than expected, and not knowing her name, identity, or recognising her husband or family.  In an attempt to piece together her memories, she starts to keep a journal. As her memories start to return, she finds some disturbing discrepancies between what her husband tells her, the doctor understands her of her background and her own emerging memories.

Broken Harbour by Tana French

This is the fourth book in Tana French's series about the Dublin Murder Squad.(You can read them out of order).  This psychological crime novel starts with a triple homicide of the Spain family, with husband Pat and the two children dead, and wife Jenny in intensive care with multiple stab wounds.  Detective Mick "Scorcher" of the Dublin Murder Squad takes the lead in this case. Having spent his childhood holidays in Broken Harbour, he is finding that returning here for professional reasons summons up personal memories he would rather keep suppressed.  He discovers the picture perfect marriage of Jenny and Pat is not all it seems, with their history being slowly revealed as the investigation deepens. A gripping, terrifying book you'll find hard to put down (it is really scary).

Keep your friends close by Paula Daly

What would you do if your best friend stole your life? A husband and wife, Natty and Sean have a rock solid, if somewhat mundane marriage. Or so they thought, until Natty's best friend Eva comes to visit. Within ten days Sean announces their marriage is over, he is in love with Eva. This is what Eva does. She is a serial mistress, with lies, secrets and a death in her past.  Filled with twists and turns, it keeps you guessing. It has a fairly predictable but satisfying ending. A quick read, very hard to put down!

Into the darkest corner by Elizabeth Haynes

This story chronicles the  relationship between Cathy and Lee, a handsome and charismatic man, who seems to Cathy almost too good to be true. She's right. Behind Lee’s perfect fa├žade is a monster.  As he becomes increasingly more possessive, violent and controlling, Cathy wants to leave, but fe
els trapped not knowing  know how she can escape. It doesn’t help that no-one believes her story (at some points even you the reader may have trouble believing her. Is it all just in her head?). The narrative is told using alternating chapters that contrast Cathy’s past and present persona. Very unsettling, with detailed violence, this book is not for everyone. It is dark, chilling and disturbing.

Until you're mine by Samantha Hayes

A complex mystery/thriller filled with twists, turns and cliff hangers galore.
The story starts with Claudia, a social worker,  and James, a naval officer,  who are happily married and expecting their first child together. Claudia seems to have the perfect life, a great husband, beautiful home and a baby on the way. Zoe, the nanny, has been hired to help with the new baby and two young step children-Noah and Oscar. Despite her perfect references, Claudia senses Zoe has a hidden agenda - she appears almost too good to be true. Is Claudia right to be suspicious or is she just being paranoid?

Alongside this is a second plot line involving Detective Lorraine Fisher, a police officer who is investigating a series of brutal attacks and murders on vulnerable pregnant women.
As the story progresses hidden connections between the characters are revealed.
This story is told in alternating chapters from the point of view of the main characters, Claudia, Zoe and Lorraine –Can you trust these narrators? Are any of these women telling the truth?
The ending is unpredictable and shocking.

You should have known by Jean Hanff Korelitz.
Grace Reinhart Sachs has it all- the perfect life: A devoted husband, who is an oncologist, specialising in paediatrics. Her son, Henry is enrolled in a prestigious private school. She has a successful career as a couple's therapist, with her book, titled You should have known, about to be published. The subject of the Grace's book is discussing how women have a penchant for ignoring the signs of a toxic partner, claiming they should see the signs and know early on in a relationship that he isn't Mr Right.
 A violent death and missing husband suddenly turns her life upside down. Grace has failed to follow her own somewhat smug advice.  The story follows Grace's shame, fear and horror of failure as she questions her life and memories, while trying to find out the truth about her husband. Has her whole life been a lie?

Before we met by Lucie Whitehouse

This novel has the theme of secrets-within-a- marriage.  This is a story of love, marriage and deception. Independent and successful,   Hannah is married after a whirlwind romance with the man of her dreams, Mark, who is successful, suave, ambitious, driven and wealthy. After Mark fails to return after a weekend business trip, lies and secrets Mark has being keeping throughout their marriage are revealed. Hannah starts question her marriage. How well does she really know her husband and can she ever trust him again?  Filled with twists and turns this is an entertaining and engrossing read.

Skeletons by Jane Fallon

The myth of a happy family is exposed in this story of secrets and lies.  For over twenty years Jen has been happily married to Jason Masterton, loving life being surrounded by his big, lively and happy family. One day she is crossing the street, and sees something she should not have seen- something that could destroy her idyllic life forever. Deciding to keep this shocking secret is tearing Jen apart and leads to further complications. What should she do? Despite this dilemma, this is a story is full of warmth and dark humour.

Mr Peanut by Adam Ross

A novel themed did he-kill-his-wife? The husband, David Pepin, loves his wife, Alice, but fantasises about her death constantly. Then it happens. She drops dead at the kitchen table. Was it murder or suicide? David is of course, the prime suspect.  But there's more. The two detectives investigating the suspicious circumstances of Alice's death have their own marital woes and secrets, with the stories of the three marriages being interwoven throughout the book. This is a dark debut.