Seven Deadly Sins Book discussion: Gluttony. So, what's on the menu?

Are you a literary glutton? This is defined as spending as much time reading as many books as you possibly can, indulging your insatiable appetite for reading. If so, come along to a Seven Deadly Sins Gluttony book discussion.
On the menu for the Seven Deadly Sins Gluttony Book Discussion are books with gluttony themes, door stoppers (a.k.a. big books, 500+ pages), and books you just have to keep reading because you can't put them down!
Gluttony, just like reading, is also often associated with food, so we will also discuss foodie fiction and novels with recipes. A literary feast!
Afternoon tea/ light supper is provided.

Seven Deadly Sins Gluttony Book Discussion

Miranda Library
Wednesday 16 July
Book online now or call Miranda Library 9524 8217

Sutherland Library
Wednesday 30 July
 9710 0351
Book online now or call Sutherland Library 9710 0351