Family (Online) Reading Fun!

Family reading time now has no limits! If you have internet access then these interactive books and games can be enjoyed together, from the convenient location of home, the park or anywhere...any time! Library members have exclusive use of these great online activities.

Literacy levels can be raised whilst playing the library's selection of online educational games for preliterate and developing readers.

Heads Up: Most of these require Adobe Flash player to open the books. To be able to use them on iPhones, Androids and all tablets, install the browser called Puffin and use that to access. This browser bypasses the need for Adobe Flash player.

In2Era—Picture Books Online 

Develop a love of books here. These interactive books, are divided into categories and graded for reading levels. So choice is up to you. Pick from Eerie Tales, Picture Books, Readalong, and Traditional Tales.

Read the story or listen while it is read you and have fun with the activities associated with each story, drawing and picture creation as well as quizzes.

A tantiliser of each title is provided, as well as a reading age. 

Books look like books and each 'page' needs to be turned using the controls at the bottom. General navigation is easy.


Focused on literacy, primary education, games and ‘edutainment’, Ziptales helps to improve reading ability whilst enjoying the experience. Learn a love of reading.

A library of educational stories, games, videos, comics, jokes, poems, puzzles and activities for readers at the 6 - 12 level. It is fully aligned to the Australian Curriculum (English), all primary levels.

Developing Literacy: there are190 texts, divided amoungst 12 different catagories eg. puppet plays, make & do, Australian Curriculum English. Caters for the Preschool to Year 2 reading level.

Extending Literacy: there are 400 texts, divided into 23 categories eg. choose your own adventure, skill builder, myths and legends, yucky! caters for Year 3 - Year 6 reading levels.

Easy to access, just type in your barcode and you are away!

The books are developed for the online environment. Pictures appear as one reads the story or they 'do' what the text is talking about

Busy Things

Over 120 online learning games for 3-6 year olds. Children, parents and teachers can access fun yet educational activities and games. The activities range across literacy, numeracy and problem solving that promise to educate whilst entertaining beginning readers.

This is learning, well disguised as fun. Quickly and simply give small children an interactive online game to occupy them. The bonus is they are learning the basics without a whiff of it seeming educational.

Behind these "Buttons" are subdivisions...Letters - Shapes & Sounds, Phonics, Numbers, Basic calculation, Shapes, Maze games, Cause and effect games, Mouse Skills.

It is bright and exciting from the first minute, even waiting for the games to load is designed to keep a small person interested.

BusyThings works on iPhone and Android without the Puffin browser, the view is different and there are fewer 'games', but is essentially the same

There are very few written instructions, it waits for the user to click on something to see what happens, or uses spoken instructions.
Does not require Puffin

Literacy Planet

Very much a teaching 'English' and a remedial tool, good for tracking progress. Develop English literacy skills while playing games. There are over 10,000 exercises  to make literacy fun. 
Parents need to be involved especially at the lower levels.

Progress can be tracked and 'free' games can only be played once enough credit points are earned.
Literacy Planet covers key areas of English literacy: Pre-Reading, Phonics, Reading, Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar & Comprehension very comprehensively. 

To begin using Literacy Planet you will need to create a student account for each child. 
This account allows you to track progress and receive motivational rewards. 
Once the student accounts have been created you will be emailed a unique login for one.

On return to Literacy Planet students can log in to their personal account and continue from where they left off.

 There are many levels in each Learning area...see screen shot. 
Under each final level is a game, puzzle, activity etc. which helps develop the particular skill selected.

To play in the Arcade, one needs to earn credits.

So don't forget the books, they can be enjoyed without having to do any work.!!!
Competitive children will love this.

Requires Puffin

World Book - Early World of Learning

Early World of Learning is a fun site for pre-school to year 2 students. It contains three learning environments, each targeting a critical area of the development of young learners in early elementary grades.

Trek’s Travels offers narrated stories, interactive games, and original videos that teach critical early childhood themes, including numbers, shapes, colours, opposites, and more.

Welcome to Reading provides graded reading practice to develop and strengthen phonics, vocabulary, phonemic awareness, and comprehension skills.

Know It is a first online encyclopedia. Know It provides a richly visual interactive encyclopedia that will captivate early learners with nonfiction topics of interest and importance to them.

As well as books there are songs, videos, games and activities, all graded by reading level.
Programmed to read aloud the various options as the mouse runs over them, so it is easier for non-readers to use.
Requires Puffin.

Happy Reading!!