National Year of Reading, 2012 October theme-Explore

This month’s theme is explore.

You can explore the past, and read about ancientmodern or own your family history (who knows what skeletons you may find rattling around in the closet!).

Explore the present. The here and now, fact and fiction. You might like to explore a genre you haven’t read before.  If you usually read romance, try reading an adventure story, or  read about pirates!  Why not read more about  Australian explorers, or explore something you’ve always wanted to read more about.

Explore the endless possibilities of the future. Now’s the time to read some science fiction, with its and fantastic yet possible and plausible worlds and futures.

Explore new technologies to find new ways to read. Download a book from Sutherland libraries digital library via Overdrive and read it on an e-reader, follow your favourite authors on twitter,  find some facts in databases, or in the e-textbook on your ipad.  Use your iphone to read about the latest breaking news as it happens.
Are you planning a holiday? Explore some new countries and cultures by reading a travel guide,or  try learning a new language-oui? Explore what’s out there, whether its the Australian Outback or outer space.
Explore everything and anything. If its out there, you can read about it.