Movember, 2011

November is also Movember, the month when men are encouraged to “grow a mo” and raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and depression in men. An important part of maintaining health is to relax, and what better way to relax than by reading? This month try reading something by or about men with moustaches.

Mark Twain. Besides his impressive moustache, he is most noted for his novels “The adventures of Tom Sawyer” and its sequel, “The adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, which has been described by William Faulkner, (a fellow moustached author of American literature), as “the great American novel”.

Bram Stoker: Best known for his gothic novel “Dracula”, this author was such a fan of the moustache that he gave Count Dracula one as well. He describes Count Dracula as “a tall man, clean shaven, save for a long white moustache, and clad in black from head to foot”.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the moustached creator of the perennial favourite fictional detective ‘Sherlock Holmes’. Although the famous character was not bestowed with a moustache, his esteemed assistant and first person narrator in the all but four of the books, Dr John.H. Watson is described in the books as wearing a moustache.

Poirot. One of Agatha Christie’s most famous and long lived characters, he is famous for his distinctive moustache as much as for his "little grey cells". As his clean shaven colleague Captain Arthur Hastings tells us, Poirot is "very stiff and military. Even if everything on his face was covered, the tips of his moustache and pink tipped nose would be visible.”

Russell Brand. A moustached English radio and television personality, comedian, actor and author. Read his autobiography “My booky wook”. If you enjoy this, read the follow up “My booky wook 2: This time its personal”.

Here are three famous Aussie sporting icons turned authors who each sport trademark mo’s.
Merv Hughes. Read his biography, "Merv: The full story" by Patrick Keane, pick up some killer lines in his latest book, "Merv Hughes' best sporting insults" or read about another great way to relax, fishing! "Merv: Caught in the deep" by Merv Hughes.
Max Walker, also famous for his sporting exploits on the cricket pitch, has written 14 books, seven of them becoming best sellers.
John Newcombe. The former tennis great has written two autobiographies about his life, on and off the tennis court.

Finally we can’t forget the most influential author of all time, Shakespeare. The bard himself was a mo bro.