Greg De Moore Author Talk and Book Signing

Sutherland Library will be hosting a talk by Greg de Moore on one of our first sporting heroes. Join us to hear the story behind the book, Tom Wills: his spectacular rise and tragic fall. As well as a facinating story of Australian and family history, sport and biography the author's talk will provide insight into the discovery of a wealth of historical documents.

Tom Wills was the man most often credited with creating the game that we now know as Australian Rules football. Tom was sent to the strict British Rugby School in 1850 and returned a talented cricketer. Tom's life was changed forever after he returned home to the Queensland outback where his father was murdered in the biggest massacre of Europeans by Aboriginals. Five years later, Tom went on to coach the first Aboriginal cricket team. As Tom's physical talent's began to fade, he descended into a different world.

Greg De Moore's historical biography of Tom Wills is the product of ten years of research. This research unearthed original medical records, letters, text books and notes previously believed to have been lost or destroyed.

Tom Wills' story goes beyond sport to become important social history. Come and listen to this intriguing family history, which is also an important but little known part of Australian colonial history. You may even pick up a few tips on researching your own family history!

Sutherland Library
10 September 2009, 10.30am
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