See the Travelling Pants @ Sutherland Library

Sisterhood of the Traveling PantsSutherland Library has been lucky enough to be chosen as the only library in Australia to host the International Travelling Pants. The pants' journey started in January 2007 from Santa Cruz USA and the jeans have travelled around the USA and Canada, the last stop being Sutherland, Sydney, Australia. The idea comes from the popular book and film The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. The story is about four friends who share a pair of jeans. Even though the girls are different shapes and sizes, the jeans fit them all. There are rules - We, the Sisterhood, hereby instate the following rules to govern the use of the Travelling Pants... The first rule being, You must never wash the pants.

The international Travelling Pants will be on display at Sutherland Library from Tuesday 1st July until Wednesday 9th July, they will then be sent back to Santa Cruz where the journey started.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Sutherland Library is conducting a holiday activity on Wednesday 9th July between 10.30am-12.00noon. Come along with a friend and wear your favourite jeans! Help decorate the pants before they have to travel back to the USA. Make a travelling pants diary and enjoy The Sisterhood trivia. For bookings ring 9710 0178