Poetry Reading @ Sutherland Library

Listen to and meet Jo de Groot at Sutherland Library on Saturday 30 June at 2pm.

Jo offers a collection of beautiful and moving letters, articles and poems of a fellow Australian of deep faith, or radical and practical spirituality centred upon justice for the humiliated and marginalised.

Born in the Netherlands in 1941, Jo de Groot grew up in Queensland where, at 20 years of age, she entered the Institute of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan. Her first 15 years as a sister were spent teaching, after which she became a social worker. She spent many years working with St Francis Community ministering to the poor and homeless in the inner city of Sydney.

In 1986 Jo re-entered lay life and finished her doctoral studies in 1993, pursuing her interest in mental health. She is now happily married and lives in the south of Sydney. Retired from the workforce, Jo continues to speak and write on a variety of topics ranging from science to spirituality.