Collection Capers: January 2007

Due to too much christmas cheer there is only a small addition to our Collection Capers this month...

Collection Capers is a monthly newsletter of NEW interesting or unusual non-fiction added to the Sutherland Shire Libraries collection. Click on the title to reserve a copy.

End of time : the Mayan prophecies revisited by Adrian Gilbert
Part travel book, part historical mystery tour, this book revisits the ancient archaeological sites of the Maya, and makes astonishing discoveries about their cosmology and calendar. It includes information on the correlation between Mayan Ages and observable astronomy. The prediction is for the world to end December 21st 2012. Christmas that year might be a bit of a fizzer.

Holding on : a story of love and survival by Jo Gambi
Tells the inspirational story of how Jo and Rob Gambi conquered the highest mountains on all seven continents - while Rob, on two occasions, suffered from serious bouts of cancer. Despite coming close to death, Rob, along with Jo, have continued to live their life with an incredible intensity. In their spare time they’ve skied to the North and South poles. Bet that was just a vacation.

Museum of the missing : the high stakes of art crime by Simon Houpt
The masterpieces of art that have been stolen could fill a museum. This offers readers a rare glimpse into the greatest gallery that never was. Of course recently we had the unforgivable looting and destruction of the treasures of Baghdad and the thieving of the Nazis during World War Two. And Australia had the theft of a Picasso from the Victorian Art Gallery. Among items lost are painting by Rembrandt, Matisse, Dali, Monet, Munch. Of course nothing by Jeff Koons has ever been stolen even after gallery directors have pleaded with thieves to take them.

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