Fiction Follies: December 2006

Fiction Follies is a monthly newsletter containing a selection of NEW fiction added to the collection of the Sutherland Shire Libraries. Click on the book title to reserve your copy.

New Mysteries

Sullivan’s evidence by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
A romantic thriller featuring parole officer Carolyn Sullivan. In this she must track down a vicious rapist who has been released from a 44 year gaol sentence on appeal. Plenty of real life insight into the American justice system.

The club by Mandasue Heller
This author has been compared to a young Martina Cole. Jenna Lord has inherited a nightclub and believes that she can make it a success despite knowing little about it. However she must battle threats from local criminals and internal dissention within the club itself.

The messengers of death by Pierre Magnon
The body of a woman is discovered pinned by a bayonet to her own piano. “Tautly plotted and brimming with suspense, (this) is a story of dark vengeance and avarice which will thrill and intrigue”.

Free fall by John Francome
The thrilling new murder mystery by racing legend John Francome – a compulsive and unpredictable ride that keeps your pulse pounding to the finish.

Corn dolls by Patrick Lennon
The picture-postcard colleges of Cambridge shimmer beneath the sun of high summer. In an agricultural equipment showroom, the half-consumed body of a young man sticks out grotesquely from the mouth of a shredding machine. Does this death mark the beginning of an unprecedented crime-wave in this quiet, well-heeled community?

At some disputed barricade by Anne Perry
The fourth book in Perry’s world war one historical mystery series. Chaplain Joseph Reavley must investigate 12 men accused of mutiny after the death of an officer. But could it be part of a more deadly plot with millions of lives at stake?

New Romance and Family Sagas

Onwards and upwards by Lynda Page
Danny and Maxie Maws think the world of each other. Making ends meet is a constant juggling act but they are happy together and that is all that matters. But when Danny fears he will lose Maxie by not giving her enough, he plunges into a series of disastrous money making schemes.
Rainbow’s end by Eileen RamsayMusician Juliet Crawford is in love with music and life until her dreams are shattered when she loses an important music competition. Hope is resurrected by maestro Alexander Stoltze and his dashing protégé Karel Haken. But her heart is again broken. Is it possible for her to find happiness?

The power of dreams by Rosie Harris
16 year old orphan Merrion Roberts must bring up her baby sister. She joins forces with Rhonda Rees, who also has a young baby. After struggling to make ends meet and enjoying some success fate intervenes and they are reduced to a life of squalor, barely able to support themselves and their children.

Tilly True by Dilly Court
The crowds scurrying past her did not seem to notice her, even though her blouse was bloodstained and torn and she was coatless on a bitter winter day. Tilly knew she must gather her wits and make a move or else end up frozen to the stonework; yet another cadaver to be flung into a pauper’s grave.

The last white knight by Tami Hoag
This classic novel tells the captivating story of a woman who has no illusions about romance. Counsellor Lynn Shaw needs the help of handsome Senator Erik Gunther to defend her home for delinquent girls from angry residents. She isn’t looking for a relationship but she can’t ignore her passionate response to the man.

New Thrillers

Keeper of the keys by Perri O’Shaughnessy
This is stand alone novel, not one of the Nina Reilly legal thrillers. When a woman disappears her husband only reluctantly investigates after some prodding from his wife’s friend. Could he have killed his wife? This book had mixed reviews. Readers either raved about it or panned it.
Blood mask by Lauren KellyA wealthy, charismatic, and controversial “benefactress of art,” Drewe Hildebrand disappears from her estate on the Hudson River, seemingly abducted in the night. Her young niece, Marta, found in a desolate wooded area close by, is too traumatized to describe the abductors.

Never fear by Scott Frost
Lieutenant Alex Delillo, Pasadena detective and single mother, is reeling from the discovery that she has a half-brother. Not only that, he’s just been murdered. Compelled to investigate, she finds a link to the notorious river killer and to her horror, that her father, a second rate actor who disappeared when she was a child was the prime suspect.

Spy : a thriller by Ted Bell
In this relentlessly paced tale of international suspense, intrepid MI-6 intelligence officer Alex Hawke confronts an evil like no other. Terror looms as a madman works his dark magic in the heart of the Amazon and a nightmare erupts along the Mexican border, creating a deadly combination that threatens to bring America to its knees.

The threat within by Karl V
From the madrassas of the Middle East to the markets of the subcontinent to the control rooms of Europe, a firestorm is brewing, and agent Marco Burini is racing against time. But the roots of the threat go deeper than anyone can imagine; deep into the heart of the systems that hold Western society together.

New Humour

Bloke miles by Matthew Ravden
Three men, torn between their feelings of duty to their family and a hankering for the freedom of their single life hit upon the concept of bloke miles. Like air miles the men can earn points for doing things for their wives, with the ultimate goal being a guilt free trip to the rugby world cup.

A tangled summer by Caroline Kingston
Marsh farm has been neglected. Fed up with watching her family squander their chances with love and the farm septuagenarian Elsie issues an ultimatum. Either her grandsons find brides by the end of the year or they lose their slice of the farm. A feel-good read about farming and falling in love.

A crowded marriage by Catherine Alliott
When the Camerons hit dire financial straits they are forced to move out of London and accept an offer from Eleanor Latimer of a rent-free cottage on her estate. Ordinarily, the offer of a free home in the country is not to be sniffed at but as Eleanor just happens to be Alex's beautiful, rich and frankly flirtatious ex. Once installed in Shepherd's Cottage, Imogen's life is suddenly full to bursting with surly locals, psychotic chickens, mountains of manure, and of course Eleanor; who seems to be permanently at Alex's side. As far as Imogen's concerned, two's a marriage, three's a family and this is just silly, someone's going to have to go. The question is who?

New Historical and Fantasy Fiction

The secret familiar by Catherine Jinks
Helie is a former spy of the famous inquisitor Bernard Gui. Now he is living under an alias, trying to forget his past life of deception and intrigue. But a chance meeting once more brings him to the notice of the Inquisition; he is obliged to infiltrate a new heretical group, and find out what happened to the last spy sent to do so. Was he murdered or did he flee?

It wakes in me by Kathleen O’Neal Gear
Sora, the high priestess of the Black Falcon nation has been plagued with blackouts and fits. As her world goes black, two gleaming eyes burn within her. Later she remembers nothing. Now rival clans have accused her of seven murders.

Descriptions of books are taken from the jacket summaries.

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