What's Under Wraps?

On Thursday 14th December at 6pm, while Sutherland Library is temporarily closed, our branch libraries will be taking centre stage 'unwrapping' our favourite kind of gift - new books. Come in to your local branch and be the very first to borrow latest library purchases. We're inviting you to discover new authors, new topics, new recipes and crafts, and all new adventures in reading.

Each branch will have a different selection so why not visit more than one? You might be the first to uncover a treasure that allows you to...
  • win every argument
  • make wire jewellery
  • grow herbs
  • plan a travel adventure to Mexico, Honolulu or Nepal
  • gain insight into planning that special wedding
Discover the newest novels, paperbacks, large print, children’s books and more! Something for everyone, from the youngest members of the family to the oldest – guaranteed.

Come in and discover What’s Under Wraps?