Senior Geography Projects on Cronulla Beaches

Updated 11 October 2008.

Do you need information about pollution or erosion on Cronulla’s beaches for your senior geography project? Well, Sutherland Library can assist you with the various resources we have on this topic.

You can browse reports, management plans and articles from local newspapers. For more details ask for our environmental guide - Cronulla beaches : pollution and erosion at the Reference Library Help Desk on the 1st Floor. It lists the resources that are available and their location in the Library. A good place to start is the Bate Bay Coastline Management Plan.

You can get started online with some of these resources.

Council Documents

State of the Environment Report: this annual publication describes the pressures on, and state of, the environment within the Sutherland Shire while also providing relevant background information to the various environmental response programs being undertaken by council and other agencies. Previous SOE reports are available in the Library.

The Strategic Plan, Teh Management Plan and the State of the Shire 2004 report: these 3 related documents establish the Council's goals for the future of the Sutherland Shire, the key strategies that need to be implemented to achieve the goals and the current situation. These documents should be used together. That is the Strategic Plan sets out the vision, the Management Plan establishes the strategy as well as how performance will be assessed and the State of the Shire measures whether we are achieving the goals.

Other Organisations

Sutherland Shire Environment Centre: The SSEC web site has a wealth of information about environmental issues in the Shire, including Kurnell, Bate Bay and the Hacking River. There is plenty of material to explore regarding pollution and erosion around Cronulla.

Sydney Water - Cronulla STP: The Sydney Water web site has some information about the sewerage and stormwater management operations including a factsheet about the Cronulla Sewerage Treatment Plant. Information about the Cronulla STP can be a bit hard to find but a Google search does a pretty good job.

Newspaper Articles

Sutherland Shire Local Newspaper Index: You can search for articles about the environmental issues facing Cronulla in this database, which indexes articles with local content from local papers such as the Leader. Bring your list of references to Sutherland Library where you can view the old newspapers. Some search terms to get you started include Cronulla beach* erosion, Cronulla beach* pollution or Cronulla beach* sewerage.